Head of Department
Polovinchuk Lyubov Vyacheslavivna

Deputy Head of Department
Rud Nataliia

The department of accounting and remuneration is a structural unit of the Planning, Accounting and Reporting Division of the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine. The main tasks of the department: ensuring accounting of general and special funds in the amount of codes of economic classification of expenditures and implementation of estimates of income and expenditures of the Academy, preparation and implementation of control over the correctness of budgeting, preparation of justification and detailed calculations for codes of economic classification of expenditures for budget estimates, budget requests and passports of the budget program regarding scholarship, remuneration and accruals thereon.


Chief specialists
Olena Ovramenko

Kryzhanovska Nataliia

Barbarian Maryna


Leading specialist
Vladimirova Liliia


Contact Information
Contact phone: +38 (044) 206-18-57
email address: