Director of Scientific-Research Institute
Popov Heorhii Volodymyrovych
– Doctor of Laws


In accordance with the order of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine dated January 14, 2019 # 3sh on approval of the structure and staffing list of the National Prosecution of Ukraine, the Scientific-Research Institute (NII) was established, which consists of three departments: investigation of problems of the functional activity of the prosecution bodies; development and implementation of innovative methods of organization of work and management in prosecuting bodies; investigating prosecutorial activities in international law and implementing the case law of the European Court of Human Rights. The Institute conducts scientific programs and plans of the scientific work of the Academy, executes the orders of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine for the implementation of research works, commission of the rector of the Academy for the organization of scientific work and conducting scientific events.


Leading scientific worker
Maliarenko Vasyl Tymofiiovych – Doctor of Law, Professor, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Leading specialists
Armanova Tetiana Serhiivna

Malenta Volodymyr Stepanovych – PhD in Law


telephones: +38 (044) 206-08-77; +38 (044) 206-00-76