Head of Department
Turkot Mykola Semenovych
PhD in Law, associate professor,
awarded with departmental incentive
the distinction of the prosecutor's office of Ukraine –
badge «Honorary Officer of the Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine»


The department of initial and continuous training of military prosecutors provides teaching of the disciplines “Prosecutor Activities during Special Period” and “Military Prosecutor Activities for Ensuring the Military Security of Ukraine”. Main directions of activity and tasks of the department: educational, methodical work, scientific activity, education of students of the Academy; training of qualified specialists for practical, organizational-managerial, analytical and research activity in prosecutor's offices and educational establishments in the prosecutor's office system; ensuring the training of prosecutors in the areas of activity of the military prosecutor's offices, as well as the activities of the prosecutor's office in a special period; elaboration of draft laws and other normative legal acts, submission of proposals for improvement of the current legislation; conducting fundamental and applied research on the most important problems of prosecutorial activity within the competence of the department, participation in the implementation of research results into practice.


Senior lecturers
Yeni Elena – PhD in Law

Dyachenko Valerii Ivanovych – PhD in Law, associate professor

Hanova Hanna – PhD in Law, associate professor


Izotov Aleksander – PhD in Law, associate professor


Contact Information
Contact phone: +38 (044) 206-00-50
email address: