Doctoral and postgraduate studies

Postgraduate study at the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine was opened in 2007. In 2013, at the Academy was opened a doctoral program.


At present moment the graduate course of the Academy are attending 13 postgraduate students on the order of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine on the correspondence form of study. The candidates for the degree of the PhD in Law are 30 employees of the prosecution bodies. There are 2 doctoral students of the doctoral program in the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine.


Head of the Department

Spaskyi Andrii


Researcher officers

Usenko Olena

Sadova Svitlana

Khivrenko Dmytro




Main tasks

To organize trainings for scientific-pedagogical and scientific personnel in order to provide the Academy with highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel, as well as to improve the qualification level of the staff of the prosecution bodies.


The employees of the department organize training on the following scientific specialties:

12.00.03 – civil law and civil process; family law; international private law;

12.00.07 – administrative law and process; finance law; Information law;

12.00.08 – criminal law and criminology; criminal-executive law;

12.00.09 – criminal procedure and criminalistics; forensic examination; operative-search activity;

12.00.10 – judicial system; prosecution and advocacy.


Contact Information:

rooms: 101, 104 (Building №1)

telephine: (044) 206-18-50, (044) 206-15-83