Department of Scientific and Methodological Activity Management

Department of Scientific and Methodological Activity Management was created in the structure of the Institute for Scientific Research of the National Academy of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine by the Decree of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine on November 3, 2016.

Head of Department
Nelia Lisova – Candidate of Juridical Sciences (Ph.D.), Docent


Chief Research Officers
Inna Odnolko – Candidate of Juridical Sciences (Ph.D.), Docent
Taisia Stoliar – Candidate of Juridical Sciences (Ph.D.)



Main objectives
To organize long-term and current planning of fundamental and applied scientific research carried out by the Academy’s units.


To manage and to coordinate scientific, research, methodological and other activities of the Academy’s staff.


To prepare reports on results of scientific, research and methodological work in the Academy.


To organize implementation of research outcomes into the prosecutorial activity as well as into the educational process of the Academy.


To study and analyze the experience of scientific research management and to draw up proposals for implementation of certain innovations into the Academy’s activities.


To hold scientific conferences, seminars, round tables and other scientific events in the Academy.


To assist with international scientific cooperation and to establish conditions under which interacademic cooperation and other relations in scientific sphere can be successfully maintained.


To provide the Academy’s staff with up-to-date information concerning the research outcomes via local network, to hold local scientific events.


To consult the Academy’s staff about implementation of legislative acts provisions that regulate scientific activity in the Academy.


To study, analyze and summarize practice of scientific and research activity of the Academy’s units, to draw up proposals for improvement and spreading of positive experience of managing and conducting scientific research.


To cooperate with the scientific and methodological council under the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine on the issues of drawing up toolkits for ensuring prosecutorial activity.


To monitor scientific events held by international and national organizations, establishments and institutions.


Contact Information
Office: 310 (Building 2)
Tel.: (044) 206-00-51