Department of planning, accounting and reporting

Department of planning, accounting and reporting was created according to the Decree by Prosecutor General of Ukraine from December 21, 2015 with the aim to improve the activity of National Academy of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine.
Head of department
Rud Nataliya Hryhorivna
Deputy head
Polovinchuk Lyubov Vyacheslavivna
Chief specialist
Honcharenko Olena Anatoliyivna
Ovramenko Olena Volodymyrivna
Koval’ska Kristina Hennadiyivna
Pryadko Tetyana Fedonivna
Kryzhanovska Natalya Valentynivna

Accounting records-maintenance of financial-managemental activity of the Academy and preparation of reporting.
Displaying in the documents of reliable and complete information on managemental operations and their results necessary for the operational management of budget appropriations and financial and material (non-material) resources.
Drafting budget estimates and control over performance of the estimates made given the current period.
Operational management of funds within the limits approved in the estimates and their redistribution.
Ensuring compliance with the budget legislation while complying with the budget commitments, timely submission for registration of obligations to make payments under the assumed budget commitments, fair and complete transactions reflected in the accounting and reporting system.
Preventing the negative effects in financial and economic activity, identifying and mobilizing interdomestic reserves.
Contact information:
rooms: 201, 203, 204, 205 (building №1)
telephone: (044) 206-18-49,
(044) 206-18-57,
(044) 206-00-58