Department of initial and continuing development training of military prosecutors

Department of initial and continuing development training of military prosecutors was created in the structure of the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine by the Decree of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine on July 8, 2016.


Head of the Department

Mykola Turkot – PhD in Law, docent


Deputy Head of the Department

Olena Yeni – PhD in Law


Senior lecturers

Hanna Hanova – PhD in Law, docent

Valerii Diachenko – PhD in Law, docent



Oleksandr Izotov – PhD in Law, docent

Olena Polehenka



Main objectives

To conduct educational, methodical work, scientific research, to educate attendees of the Academy, and to train highly qualified professionals for practical, organizational, administrative, analytical and research activities in public prosecution service and educational institutions in public prosecution service, to provide continuing professional training for prosecutors and investigators, as well as for researchers and lecturers of the Academy.


To train and enhance the professional competence of prosecutors in accordance with military public prosecutor’s offices activities and operation of public prosecutor’s offices under special conditions.


To draw up scientifically valid proposals for strengthening legislative and regulatory framework for public prosecution service activity.


To conduct fundamental and applied scientific research.


To discuss theses of the department’s officers and of other PhD students.


To implement good practices and achievements of research into the teaching process and activity of public prosecutors.


The staff of the department conduct the following courses:

«Activity of military prosecutor’s offices»

«Activity of public prosecutor’s service under special conditions»


Contact Information

Office: 309 (Building 2)

Tel.: (044) 206-00-50