International Relations department

International Relations department was created according to the Decree of Prosecutor General of Ukraine from December 21, 2015.


Head of department

Pershyn Volodymyr


Scientific officers
Klevtsov Igor

Pavlenko Anastasiia


Chief specialist
Myrkieiev Yaroslav



Coordination and practical realization of international cooperation of the Academy with international organizations, Ukrainian and foreign establishments.


Support of work organization in the Academy and control of organizational and administrative documents in the sphere of international and interacademic cooperation.


Encourage integration of the Academy into the world research, educational and informational fields, promote the Academy’s collaboration with governmental and non-governmental institutions of other countries, foreign organizations, funds and other establishments in Ukraine and abroad.


Preparation of agreement drafts or other cooperation documents with educational establishments and scientific institutions of Ukraine and foreign countries, international, foreign organizations, establishments and control over the implementation of the signed agreements.


Assist in preparation and participation of Academy’s employees in international events  (conferences, seminars, meetings, roundtables, symposiums, etc.).


Hold events in the Academy with involvement of foreign experts and practitioners with the aim of gaining positive experience; organization of participation of Academy’s employees in education programmes (traineeship) abroad.


Contact information:

room: 102, 103 (building №1)

telephone: (044) 206-18-53

(044) 206-15-82