In accordance with the Statute of the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine in order to address the key Academy’s issues the Rector initiates and establishes collegial and working advisory bodies.


Rectorate is the permanent working advisory body of the Academy.


The rectorate is established to tackle with current organizational, academic, methodological, scientific, financial, economic and other issues of the Academy.


The competence and authority of the rectorate are defined in the Statute of the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine, the Regulation and Status of the Rectorate.


The members of the rectorate are apponted by the order of the Rector of the Academy.


The rectorate of the Academy consists of Rector, First Vice-Rector, Vice-Rectors, head of the Office of the rectorate, head of the human resources department, head of the department of planning, accounting and reporting – chief accountant. Rector has the right to appoint other heads of structural departmentsas members of  the rectorate. The key working form of the rectorate is meetings.


During the meeting of the rectorate, if necessary, the Rector of the Academy may invite other employees, which are subject to the issues put to the discussion.