Office of the Rectorate

The Office of the Rectorate was created in the structure of the National Academy of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine by the Decree of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine on November 3, 2016 to support the Rectorate in all fields of activity.


Head of the Office
Iryna Kucherina


Chief specialists

Viktoriia Ben
Iryna Boichuk
Olena Havrylenko
Dmytro Honcharenko
Tetiana Londkevych
Yuliia Politikova
Iryna Rozhok

Dmytro Tomilenko



Main objectives
To support the Rectorate in all fields of activity outlined in the Charter of the National Academy of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine and in the Regulations of the Rectorate.


To prepare and facilitate Rectorate meetings including drafting meeting agendas and recording minutes, supplying with necessary data, monitoring the implementation of decisions and official orders given etc.


To provide the administration with informational reports and analytical data.


To draw up draft administrative documents on issues of management and governance.


To ensure interaction between units in the sphere of organization of the educational process, teaching, research, personnel, financial and economic activities in the Academy.


To prepare draft work plans, draft training, research, educational programs and agendas, and draft financial and annual financial reports for their further submission to the Academic Board for consideration.


To monitor compliance of the Academy’s staff activities with the legal regulations and the Charter.


To ensure accurate and timely information of society on the activities of the Academy to invigorate its credibility, image and reputation of the public prosecution service of Ukraine.


Contact Information
Office: 206, 208, 209 (Building 1)
Tel.: (044) 206-15-54
(044) 206-18-45
(044) 206-00-51