Department of Research on National Security and Defense Issues

Department of Research on National Security and Defense Issues was created in the structure of the Institute for Scientific Research of the National Academy of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine by the Decree of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine on November 3, 2016. 


Head of Department
Oleksandr Holovkin – Doctor of Law, professor


Chief Research Officers

Tetiana Chubko – PhD in Law

Ihor Skazko


Leading Research Officer

Ruslan Briashchei – PhD in Law



Main objectives
To conduct fundamental and applied scientific research on the role of prosecution service in ensuring national security.

To detect strategic challenges to national security and main ways of its structuring.

To draw up scientifically valid proposals for strengthening legislative and regulatory framework for public prosecution service activity in sphere of ensuring homeland security.

To improve specialized guidelines and other toolkits on prosecutorial activity against social relations criminalization.

To contribute to legislative process by drawing up scientific opinions and proposals for legislative acts.


Areas of research
Ensuring national (economic) security of the state.

Role and place of public prosecution service of Ukraine in the state system of ensuring national security of Ukraine.

Study of globalization processes and their impact on development of law, crime counteraction, and on implementation of international legal provisions that regulate crime counteraction etc.

Legal framework for criminal legal counteraction to terrorism.

Study threats to national informational security.

Counteraction to economic crimes in the context of ensuring economical security of Ukraine.

Counteraction to national interests threats and to national environmental security.


Contact Information
Office: 310 (Building 2)
Tel.: (044) 206-18-66