Academic Council


The Academic Council of the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine is a collegial advisory body that considers the most important issues of organizational, educational, scientific, economic and social development in accordance with the provisions of the Statute of the Academy.


The Academic Council is established to unite the efforts of the Academy`s staff in order to ensure the high quality of the special training of candidates for the position of prosecutor, the improvement of the skills of the prosecutor’s office officers, the collective decision of other issues that fall within the competence of the Academy as a state institution with a special status, determine the prospects for its development, areas of research and innovation.


The collegial status of the Academic Council is realized through a democratic collective discussion of the issues relevant for the current and future activities of the Academy and its results – appropriate decisions. The advisory status is realized through the development of collective decisions within the competence of the Academic Council and the provision to the rector for the adoption of appropriate management decisions.


The Academic Council consists of job title representatives: the rector, the first vice-rector of the educational, methodological and scientific work, vice-rector, directors of institutes, head of the planning, accounting and reporting department – chief accountant, head of the department of legal literature and electronic information resources, as well as elected members, representing scientific, scientific and pedagogical workers that are elected from among the heads of departments, professors, doctors of sciences, philosophy doctors and students of institutes.