Participation of the Academy’s representative in the International scientific-to-practical conference


On 18 of October, 2019 Lecturer at the Department for Public Prosecutors Preparation for the Representation of the State Interests in the Court, the Institute of Special Training of the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine, Associate Professor Liubov NETSKA participated in the international scientific-to-practical conference “Current Issues of Bankruptcy Procedures in Ukraine and International Settlement Experience” held at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.



The conference addressed many issues related to the implementation of the Bankruptcy Code of Ukraine, which came into force on October 21, 2019


Liubov NETSKA made a report on “Individual Issues of Legal Regulation of Bankruptcy of an Individual”, and took an active part in discussing problematic issues regarding the settlement of the legal status of arbitration manager, the content of bankruptcy proceedings, bankruptcy of state-owned enterprises, regulatory improvement of the Bankruptcy Code of Ukraine.


Participants in the international scientific-practical conference were judges of economic courts of Ukraine and the Supreme Court, arbitrators, scientists, teachers, graduate students, as well as bankruptcy experts of Austria, Poland, etc.


The event was organized by the National Professional Union of Arbitration Governors of Ukraine and the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy with the support of the EU-Ukraine Law-Justice Project. The beneficiaries of the Law-Justice project are the High Council of Justice, the High Qualifications Commission of Judges of Ukraine, the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Justice, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the National Bar Association of Ukraine, the Association of Private Enforcement Agents, the Notary Chamber, etc.



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