The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Ruslan Riaboshapka introduced Rector of the Academy

On 13, September 2019 the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Ruslan RIABOSHAPKA introduced new Rector of the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine Candidate of Laws, Professor Oleksandr TOLOCHKO to the Academy’s stuff.




Thus the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Ruslan RIABOSHAPKA outlined the main tasks, that the Rector and the Academy are facing at the current stage. “We have an urgent task – to embark completely on a new phase of development, to change, to reorganize the prosecuting authorities, which will be the standard for all law enforcement agencies, which will contribute to positive changes in the activity of law enforcement agencies throughout the criminal justice system. And, probably, one of the central roles in this process will have the Academy, on the basis of which it is planned to create a Training Center for employees not only of the prosecutor’s office, but also for all criminal justice bodies.




For this reason, Mr. TOLOCHKO, this is our target: together with the National Agency on Corruption Prevention, the State Bureau of Investigations of Ukraine and the National Police of Ukraine to do our utmost the Training Center of new sample can ensure proper and high-quality training to the expertise from all criminal-to-justice bodies” – stressed the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Ruslan RIABOSHAPKA.


The Rector of the Academy Oleksandr TOLOCHKO in his turn thanked the Prosecutor General of Ukraine for the confidence and assured that he will do its utmost all the complex tasks set before the Academy would be fulfilled.




Solemnly delivering the certificate of the Rector of the Academy to Oleksandr TOLOCHKO, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Ruslan RIABOSHAPKA emphasized: “I am sure that the Academy is in safe hands”.

Тронько Ольга