Rector of the Academy Mykhailo Loshytskyi solemnly awarded participants of the training courses under the Project “EU-Act” in Ukraine with certificates

On May, 22-24 at the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine under the sponsorship of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine with the support of the Coordinator of the Project “EU-Act” in Ukraine Jose Manuel Colodras were held the series of training of trainers’ courses on Enhanced Evidence-Based and Intelligence-Led Cooperation and Capacity drug trafficking and drug related crimes.




The training courses are unique product created by the team of international experts with the aim to improve the practical work of the Prosecutor’s Office in counteracting illicit drug trafficking. The trainers at these training sessions were experts from Spain – Ms. Ana Belen Gil and Mr. Iago Garcia.


The participants of the trainings were 30 specialists – representatives of the Prosecutor General ‘s Office of Ukraine, the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine, the Central Department on Fighting against Corruption and Organized Crime of the Security Service of Ukraine, the Department for Combating Drug Crimes of the National Police of Ukraine, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.




During the solemn award of training courses participants with certificates, Rector of the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine Mykhailo Loshytskyi thanked the organizers of the event, congratulated the participants on the results of fruitful work and expressed the hope that the training will positively affect to the quality of law enforcement officials work in the area of ​​combating illicit drug trafficking.




Халімончик Богдан