Congratulation on New Year and Christmas!

Dear colleagues!


Very soon the charming New Year and the mysterious Christmas will knock at the doors of our homes. These holidays are full of children’s laughter, family comfort, hopes for the better. It is at this time that we sum up the progress and build plans for the future. I congratulate everyone on the holidays, I wish everyone to believe in the New Year’s miracle, to warm up with the glow of the Christmas dawn and to step down confidently on the new day. I wish that the New Year of 2019 brought peace to our Ukraine, gave us generously a solid health and well-being, and the Nativity of Christ strengthened our faith in the victory of truth, justice and goodness! Let our homes have peace, mutual understanding and harmony, and the Christmas star will illuminate the road to a temple where faith, hope and love dominate.

Халімончик Богдан