06.22.2018 International roundtable «Theoretical and practical aspects of the institute of probation in Ukraine»

06.22.2018 International roundtable «Theoretical and practical aspects of the institute of probation in Ukraine»

On June 22, 2018, an international roundtable «Theoretical and practical aspects of the institute of probation in Ukraine» will be held at the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine.


The purpose of the international roundtable is to unite the efforts of scientists and practical workers to solve the problematic issues of using the institute of probation when considering criminal proceedings in court, as well as to develop recommendations for the improvement of criminal, criminal procedural and criminal-executive legislation.


It is planned to publish the outcomes of the roundtable as well as the materials of the participants in publication «Theoretical and practical aspects of the institute of probation in Ukraine».


Registration of participants starts at 9.30. The event starts at 10.00.


Venue of the event: an administrative building of the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine (Melnykova St., 81b, Kyiv, Ukraine).


You may find the location at the link: http://napu.com.ua/uk/kontakti/


Contacts of the organizing committee:

Liudmyla Petrovska

tel.: (044) 206-18-69

+38(066) 222-08-94

e-mail: lpetrovska@ukr.net


Participation in the roundtable and publication of reports:

To participate in the roundtable, you are kindly asked by the 8th of June to send e-mail to the Organizing Committee with the following materials:

1)  application;

2)  report.


The file name must match the name of the author, such Application_Ivanov, Report_Ivanov.


Reports format requirements:

  • report text – up to 5 pages. Text: format A4; field: up, down, right, left – 20 mm; font – Times New Romans, size – 14, interval – 1,5;
  • languages – Ukrainian, English, Russian;
  • above the report – title of report (caps lockshould be used), in one line – full name, scientific degree, academic rank and position, place of work or studying, city and country; in one line – the text;
  • list of literature should be given after the text without repetitions;
  • references should be given after each citation in brackets containing its sequence number, and after comma – page (pages) number, example: [4, с. 89].
  • automatic references and automatic numeration of the passages should not be used;
  • content must be finally verified and edited.


Example of format:




Full name,

scientific degree,

academic rank,


place of work (studying),

city, country







The participants of the roundtable should take into account:

after sending materials to Organizing Committee they must respond to your letter with confirmation of receipt;

reports are published in author’s edition;

authors bear the responsibility for the content of reports;

co-authors – no more than 2;

reports that do not match the abovementioned requirements will be sent back to authors.


Participation in the international roundtable and the book of reports – for free.


Accommodation and travel – at the expense of the party who sends in a scientific event.

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Халімончик Богдан