Opening of the special training of candidates for the position of a prosecutor

Opening of the special training of candidates for the position of a prosecutor

On April 16, 2018, the special training of candidates for the position of a prosecutor started at the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine.




To the reserve for filling vacant positions of prosecutors, 308 persons were enrolled, who during one year will undergo special training at the Academy for the purpose of obtaining the knowledge and skills of practical activity as a prosecutor, drafting of procedural documents, studying the rules of the prosecutor’s ethics. Special training will end with the exam taken by the candidates for the position of a prosecutor.




The event was attended by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko, the rector of the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine Mykhailo Loshytskiy, the head of the Qualifications and Disciplinary Commission of Prosecutors Vitalii Hrushkovskyi, the head of the Council of Prosecutors of Ukraine Mykhailo Misiura, EUAM Head of Rule of Law Component Fabian Loewenbergexpert of the Council of Europe in Ukraine Olha Dubinska.


“Today among you there are 78% of those, who have never worked in the prosecutor’s office before, but have seen both its positive and negative practices, and will change the situation for the better. You want changes – become the part of them. Your task will be to ensure what people have long been waiting for – order and justice, law and responsibility “, – said Yurii Lutsenko.




It should be noted that for the purpose of ensuring the selection of candidates for the position of a prosecutor on a competitive basis in the period from 07.08.2017 to 15.09.2017, the reception of documents from 727 candidates was carried out. 593 candidates were admitted to participate in the anonymous testing, of which 492 candidates appeared for testing. Implementation of the practical task was carried out by 438 candidates. The Commission approved the list of candidates for the position of a public prosecutor of the local prosecutor’s office, who successfully passed the qualification exam. To the reserve for the replacement of vacant positions of prosecutors, 308 people were enrolled.



During the training, it is planned to hold classes in all areas of prosecutorial activities. Lecturers of the Academy have developed courses, practical and training sessions covering issues of procedural guidance of the pre-trial investigation, prosecution, prosecutor’s supervision over laws observance by agencies entrusted with operative and detective activities, inquiry and pre-trial investigation, supervision over laws observance in the enforcement of court judgments delivered in criminal cases, representation by the prosecutor of state interests in court.


Also, attention will be focused on the organization of work and administration in the prosecutor’s office of Ukraine, professional ethics, and the psychology of prosecutorial activities. Students will be able to master the skills of drafting procedural documents, maintaining the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations.


Issues related to the implementation of the European Court of Human Rights practice in prosecutorial activities will be considered during the trainings, which will involve the involvement of experts from the Council of Europe, the European Union Advisory Mission and the United Nations.


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